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Our Muskasch wool is an exclusive and high quality wool mix is for those people who loves something special. The yarn consists of 50% cashmere wool, the fine wool of Cashmere sheep, and 50% of the very rare Arctic musk ox’s hair (here the fluffy underhair).

The animals are combed out only once a year per hand. An adult musk ox can give you only 2-3 kg of the fur annual. This fact makes our Muskasch yarn so luxury, unbelievable soft and fleecy.

The musk ox’s fibers are delivered from Alaska, the cashmere wool comes from Mongolia. The spinning process takes place in Canada. You can knit wonderfully light, fleecy and warm sweaters, pullovers, shawls, caps and (arm-)gaiters with this high-quality yarn.


Content: 50% Cashmere / 50% Musk Ox

30 Grams per Hank

119 Yards per Hank

Recommended Needle Size: US 4 (3.50 mm)

Stitches per Inch: 28 Stitches x 28 Rows = 4 Inches

Care: Hand Wash, Cool Water, Wool Detergent Only / Lay Flat to Dry

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Muskasch-#01 Natural