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HiyaHiya Steel Interchangeable Needles are made from high quality stainless steel and feature swivel connections with flexible cables and lifeline holes. The joins are almost invisible and the finish is slick without being too slippery. 

Small Set Includes the following tips:

2US / 2.75mm
3US / 3.25mm
4US / 3.50mm
5US / 3.75mm
6US / 4.00mm
7US / 4.50mm
8US / 5.00mm

Large Set Includes the following tips:

9US / 5.50mm
10US / 6.00mm
10.5US / 6.50mm
11US / 8.00mm
13US / 9.00mm
15US / 10.00mm

Both Sets include:
Four Cables: 16", 24", 23" & 40"
Needle Grips
Portable Brocade Case

You have the choose between 4 inch and 5 Inch needle tip length when attached to the cable. 
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HiyaHiya 5" Large Interchangeable Set

$41.25 $82.50