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Brown Sheep Company

Brown Sheep Company, Inc. is a family owned and operated yarn spinning mill, located in Mitchell, NE.  But please, do not look for the brown sheep, we do not have any.  I
Lamb's Pride Bulky
Lamb's Pride Bulky is 85% Wool & 15% Mohair in a Bulky Weight

Legacy Lace
Legacy Lace is 75% Washable Wool & 25% Nylon in a Lace Weight

Nature Spun Sport
Nature Spun Sport is 100% Wool in a Sport Weight

Nature Spun Worsted
Nature Spun Worsted is 100% Wool in a Worsted Weight

Prairie Spun DK
Prairie Spun DK is 100% Wool in a DK Weight

Stratosphere is 100% Superwash U.S. Wool in a DK Weight

Synchrony is 60% Cotton & 40% Wool in a DK Weight

Wildfoote is 75% Washable Wool and 25% Nylon in a Fingering Weight